Claudia discovered the Healing Arts in 1995, studying at the Institute of Psycho-Structural-Balancing (IPSB) in Los Angeles, California.  In 2002 she graduated from the Scherer Institute of Natural Healing in Santa Fe, New Mexico (now Santa Fe School of Massage). In 2010 she certified at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in Zen Shiatsu. Over the years, Claudia has taken a variety of other healing arts classes to enrich her skills and has assisted in teaching workshops and classes.

Claudia had her own private therapeutic practice for many years. For 5 years her massage therapy office was located at the Wellness Center in Fort Collins, Colorado. Her experience also includes working for Santa Fe Massage and Spa in New Mexico, Just Massage in Los Angeles, Health West Chiropractic in Santa Monica and Old Town Massage (at Old Town Yoga) in Fort Collins, Colorado.  She now practices out of her home.

A shift occurred with an introductory course to Astrology, upon which Claudia continued to study the 7 Rays and  Esoteric Psychology with Joy Om in Boulder. The practice of deepening the sense of the self, a mindfulness meditation practice and the awareness of our energetic structure created “Healing With Astrology”.

In 2015 Claudia became a Reiki Master. Energy Healing has always been a very profound part of her work and has now become her primary practice along with “Healing with Astrology”.

All of her experience working as a massage therapist, her intuition and observational skills as well as her theatre training, has created her desire to teach and coach “Movement Awareness and Breath”, an innovative blend of yogic movements and breath exercises to open up the body, allow for change and awareness and help facilitate greater ease in performance. Most recently she coached a class of flute students at CSU, Fort Collins.

With much gratitude Claudia has appreciated a very loyal clientele whom, she says, are her greatest teachers and inspiration for new endeavors. She enjoys yoga, hiking, skiing, meditation, creating healthy and delicious food, old movies and eclectic music. She adores her son Evan, who never ceases to amaze and inspire her heart and soul.  Having a lifestyle that is healthy, creative and earth conscious is a very important part of her life.


Claudia draws her wisdom from knowledge, but also from her intuition to practice her insightful work. Her authentic touch and energy work blends methods from around the world.

Claudia loves to use Aromatherapy in all her treatments.

What Others Say About Her…

“Integrating intentional and thoughtful movement into my day to day life has been an important part of my overall health and well-being. As a musician, it has been incredibly helpful to have Claudia guide me in purposeful, mindful movements and I’m able to incorporate our work together into my practicing. The massage and movement work we do together has been great – a ‘whole’ experience!
— Michelle Stanley, CSU Flute Professor

Working with Claudia has brought me deeper insight about my patterns, gifts, growth and body and how these are all connected.  The thing that strikes me most about working with her is how incredibly present she is in our sessions.  Whether she is giving a massage, going over my astrology chart or giving esoteric insights, she is fully present, fully passionate about this healing work.  She has a perspective on health and spirituality that never fails to further enlighten me about myself and the world around me.

— Shelly

I have been seeing Claudia for Zen Shiatsu sessions. Claudia’s approach is very intuitive and holistic.  She is a kind listener and is able to piece together what you tell her with what your body is saying to bring about transformative healing and change.  I would highly recommend Claudia! 

Jennifer, Fort Collins, Co

Claudia has instincts for therapeutic results… she is an extremely nurturing human being, one whose vocation is to always treat people with respect. In sum, she is the rare intelligent woman who goes towards the human side, rather than solely shooting for the diagnosis and a quick fix.

Constance Moffatt, post-surgery recovery

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