“Working with Claudia has brought me deeper insight about my patterns, gifts, growth and body and how these are all connected.  The thing that strikes me most about working with her is how incredibly present she is in our sessions.  Whether she is giving a massage, going over my astrology chart or giving esoteric insights, she is fully present, fully passionate about this healing work.  She has a perspective on health and spirituality that never fails to further enlighten me about myself and the world around me.”
Shelly, Fort Collins, CO



This service offers you a different kind of work to discover your soul path in life.  We are here to uncover new perspectives, hidden traits, patterns and habits, and your creative energies.
My intention is to empower, inspire and intuitively guide individuals. Encouraging people to understand that their inner and outer worlds are reflections of their true self. Using the presented energies of a chart, we can set intentions for the fullest potential and allowing for a refined self by becoming aware!
I will take you through a process of self-discovery, affirmation and empowerment.

What did you come here to do?
Where can you see your soul shining through in life?

Do you know what inspires and/or motivates you?
What stops your energy flow?

What are your gifts? What do you need to cultivate?

Your particular array of skills, abilities, ways of being in the world, profession and spiritual path are all evidence of the unique ways that Esoteric Astrology and the 7 Rays shine through you and our universe. Come and find out more about ‘who you are’ and the world of energies you live in.

This is no counseling in the traditional sense, but rather a directional coaching.  You will understand your challenges with a wiser heart and appreciate the gifts you have been given with more clarity and awareness .

Individual session $ 75 per hour

970.481.9415            claudia@seedsofinsight.net

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